"Purpose and Intentions"

    This Site will exist to give Americans a viable alternative to growing and consuming genetically modified crops which have unknown and (and in some cases documented) potentially negative long term affects on public health and fertility. The means through which would be listing, seeking out, cultivating, and consuming known edible plants found in the wild which are currently NOT considered typical agricultural products, and because of which have NOT been modified and corrupted and are of such different species from current agricultural products as to be incapable of hybridization with genetically modified products through cross pollination.

    Many such species are known to exist which are readily available at different times of year in the wild... many MORE than there are plants which are currently considered agricultural. In most cases these plants HAVE been used in past history to great success in agriculture in many parts of the world, and also in many cases they are considered just as safe and just as, if not more as in many instances, nutritious as there currently accepted agricultural counter parts.

    Often these plants have been reduced to the status of weed's or undesirable plant species... not due to nutritious deficiency... but usually due to nothing more than the fact that they have fallen out of popularity or have previously not been realized as edible in nature until recent times. Examples range from the lowly thistle and cat tail and pine, and range to the sweet flavored and ginormous edible wild potato plant which is considered a substitute for agricultural potato in many parts of the world... where often a single specimen can grow large enough to feed a village, or an entire family for a week or more from a single wild potato! The list of possibilities is extensive and as often there are many substitutes available for a single plant species (like the potato) research will be required to assess which would be best adapted based on size, adaptability to agriculture, taste, texture, and nutritional value.

    In many cases these wild counterparts to current agricultural products are comparatively bland to their G.M.O. counter parts... while in other cases their flavor may well be found to be superior... so the consumers who will in the end cultivate and consume these products will need to shift their current taste palates... and only through an intelligent argument based on nutrition and human rights and preservation will there be a significant enough rise in public awareness to give incentive to take on the cultivation and consumption of these new and 'different" food products.

    The hurdles to creating such an Site are many... as there will be need for research, wilderness exploration and harvesting, controlled growing for new seed production, public awareness and education programs, farmer awareness and motivation campaigns... as well as the legal matters of founding the organization through proper channels as a legitimate incorporation...

   Needless to say it will be no small undertaking, but the end result will hopefully be a sustainable alternative to G.M.O.s leading to the prolonged health and prosperity of the American people and the people of the world, and the successful establishment of a new heritage seed collection to rival that of what was previously known but has now been diminished and endangered due to genetic Modification and cross pollination.

    We must face the fact head on that G.M.O.s have fully arrived and will be released unchecked and unregulated on American soil... However we DO have a choice.

    As I said before this will be no small task, but every journey MUST begin with the first steps pointed in the proper direction. This would be a totally overwhelming goal for any one man... but when good people with good intentions pull together in an intelligently guided way... there is no such THING as impossible when it comes to preserving our race and our planet for the generations which are to come once our time is over on this earth. It is up to us to decide what kind of planet we wish to leave our children. Not our government, not our regulating bodies or our religious leaders, though they all have a role to play, and CERTAINLY NOT corporations Like Monsanto who use Lobbyist and funding to influence government policy for the soul purpose of gaining wealth and power at the expense of the Health and lives of the worlds people and their children.