"Newly Diversified Heritage Seed Varieties"

    Also referred to as a "New Heirloom Seed" for short, or an "Alternative Heirloom Seed" to be more accurately descriptive, A Newly Diversified Heritage Seed Variety is a Seed which is known to be of an Alternative edible plant species which is wholly unrelated  genetically speaking to the plant variety it is meant to be a substitute for, or an alternative to.

    These Species are those which until now Have not in recent history in America been considered to be agriculture products intended for human consumption. Due to the unregulated and to date unprofitable nature of these plants, there has understandably been insufficient interest or benefit to any corporation or entity to attempt to genetically modify them from their natural heirloom states as found in the wild.

    However... the simple fact that eating and or growing and harvesting these plants in an agricultural manner is not common or regulated does NOT mean they are not perfectly edible, Highly nutritious, and in a lot of cases comparable in many ways to plants of different species which are commonly produced for consumption. It also does not mean that they have NOT been produced on large scales for consumption through agriculture in the past with high degrees of success... so much so that their long term affects and nutritional value and or potential toxicity levels are well known and fully established, as well as the best means for processing them in manners similar to the processing of more commonly approved and grown agricultural products.

    Added to these well known species from our past, there are also new species with highly nutritional value being discovered and analyzed in the wild all the time which could be fully verified as safe, proven to take to agricultural methods of growing and processing, and approved for such use and enjoyed by consumers in the future as a whole new generation of non modified heritage plants and seed... and provided to farmers and consumers on a large scale as a viable alternative to growing genetically modified traditional food crops and or their hybrid offspring from cross pollination with non modified subspecies of the same type.

    Most of these species can be found as indigenous  wild plants in various climates and environments around the United States,  but many others can also be considered imported species or invasive species which have been transported here and grown for ornamental or small scale agricultural purposes, and then later have escaped into the wild and thrived in their new environments. Either type can have both medicinal and food based value the same as any agriculturally grown plant being grown today... and in a lot of cases, are so comparable to commonly grown and sold produce as to be easily substituted for them in a persons diet. In other cases, these plants may even be more nutritious, Tastier, more bland or bitter (sometimes to the point of requiring further processing from their fresh state to be palatable), comparatively nutritious (or more so)... and in some cases totally unique with qualities all their own which can be enjoyed but compared to nothing else.

    However, aside from the increased nutritional value for comparable tastes and textures in many cases and the host of new medicinal qualities which are available from these plants to be extracted and utilized, as well as their much greater number, varieties, and diversity... the BIGGEST benefit cultivating and consuming these plants is their Genetic origins of far different species and scientific classifications than their traditional counterparts which are being genetically modified and released into the farms and wilds of America at a frightening pace... Often with Far to little research into their long term health effects or the affects of their hybrids which are created through cross pollination with their more similar traditional heirloom species counterparts.

    Listing, Identifying, Isolating, Studying, cultivating and consuming new varieties of wild-sourced edible plants for nutrition while simultaneously influencing public awareness and policies to preserve their heirloom status of these plants for the benefit of the public and the food supply is the main focus and Long term Goal of FOOD DIVERSITY NOW inc.. Our driving purpose is to provide the public with a viable, Healthy, and sustainable alternative to genetically Modified, under regulated (or simply non regulated) and potentially Hazardous Food Crops and other agricultural products.