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The Founder and Concept Originator, and Author; Jason A. Dennison"

    I, Jason A. Dennison, Have Envisioned this Foundation, and Taken the beginning steps towards its Founding and Institution as a Direct Response to The Passing in the United States of Americas House of the Senate legislative branch of Governments of the controversial Bill into Law which is formally known as "The Farmer Protection Act", but which in its amendments contains provisions for the complete exemption of any and all Tested or Untested Genetically Modified Organic Products (G.M.O.s), Without oversight, regulation, or accountability for short or long term negative health impacts on produce consumers or the environment.

   The Solution of indexing and cataloging, promoting, regulating, and distributing alternative food products based off of wild edible plant varieties suitable for cultivation simply came to me while attempting to sleep on the evening of 03/25/2013 and Immediately I wrote this concept down on my computer for the first time and began to flesh out its details and broad reaching implications... and from there I developed it into what I believe to be a viable concept, and set up an E-Mail account ( and a Blog site ( was developed, by me (initially) and hosted by Yahoo and (respectively) and taken public to garner support and to take on volunteers and co-founders (giving them shared authorship roles within the website). and released the idea to a limited portion of the general public via my personal Face Book (Registered Trademark) Page  and similar group pages that social network's for opinions and additional ideas, as well as to gauge public interest in the idea before continuing with Future development. This Blog site I devised was originally called "The New Heritage Seed Foundation"... but as of the beginning of April and the official "Launch" of the website, will henceforth be known as "FOOD DIVERSITY NOW .COM inc." with the new url of : (

    Out of my small "test audience"... I received 182 views to the site within the first seven days, constituting the final week of March 2013 and decide that was a respectable enough result to Launch the site more fully. since then viewership has been holding pretty steady and as new updates and features are added it continues to grow.

    As of now I am still the soul member and author... though as viewership increases I hope that that will change in due time. I encourage the free exchange also of ideas through the comment and chat features within the site, and have also included a feature to allow members or viewers to contact me with ideas and suggestions and shared authorship / co-founders requests. Without the shared ideas, opinions, and contribution of both ideas and content from viewers, site members, and Loyal face book (t.m.), Google Plus (t.m.) and other social media site friends and followers

    In the future, I will also Be responsible and accountable for name registration and incorporation through the I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) and other applicable regulating bodies, and other administrative tasks such as setting up channels for information sharing, Farmer and Consumer education and incentive programs, monitization and fund raising campaigns, and dealings with the F.D.A. and other regulating Bodies as needed toward the fulfillment of the foundations stated goals and intentions, as well as outreach programs to other like minded organizations and business's for the purpose of mutual support through membership and fundraising contacts and other charitable related needs and services. I will be responsible for these tasks, as well as those foundation members who may be more qualified to whom I delegate such tasks; who do take them on to assist me in such matters for the sake of the foundation and easing my own personal administrative burdens through shared partnership towards a common goal, either voluntarily or as needed in return for just financial compensation to be provided by the monitization and fund Raising efforts of the site and its members.

In a world of frighteningly faced paced and often under regulated and misunderstood bio technology and constant threats to the well being of the national and global food supply infrastructure and the food supply itself, chiefly in the name and form of new biotech Genetically Modified Organics and Food products of unknown and sometimes frightening long term consequences, it is My Greatest honor and privilege to have been blessed with the epiphany which led to the creation of This site and will Hopefully lead to a safe and Sustainable, as well as protected, viable and profitable alternative which can be presented to the public for cultivation and consumption so as to Limit the Monopolization of our Food Industrial Complex and to peacefully preserve the health and Freedom of choice of the people of this great Nation.

    That being said... This foundation exists to provide the the Public with a CHOICE. it in no way prevents or Limits of its OWN accord the spreading and under regulated production, use, or consumption of G.M.O. and G.M.O. related products, But rather simply seeks to provide a safe and viable alternative. The end result of this alternative's effectiveness towards maintaining the health and longevity of the population... much Like the future success or failure of the site itself... is entirely dependent on the Awareness, Actions, Choices, and Activity of the Public and The sites founder(s) members and followers and their efforts. This will be a difficult and Long term Achievement to be obtained and maintained only through the support and generous help of Its members and supporters... Financial, political, sociological, Educational, or otherwise. Only through the choices and actions of the Mass majority of the population can we succeed to secure a safe and viable food supply for the future generations who are so dependent upon our efforts..., and the importance of their support can never be forgotten and is never to be abused or manipulated By this Site or any member there-of.

    This is a brief overview of how I, Jason A. Dennison conceived of the founding principles of this Site and its goals, process's and organization... and the brief and recent history of how "FOOD DIVERSITY NOW .COM inc." came into existence. In the interests of it's future success and accomplishments, I wholeheartedly ask for your initial and continued support and encouragement to help make this Monumental undertaking  become a full and complete success for the mutual benefit and health of the environment and All Americans... and possibly in the future... for all Man Kind. Thank You.

                       Jason A. Dennison
                      Founder and Author