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"Co-Author Registration"

    For those Interested In volunteering content to the foundation website, Please send me an e-mail address to the address for the purpose of being added as a contributing Author to "FOOD DIVERSITY NOW .COM inc." Blog website  and state rather, as co-Author. Also please state if you wish to be openly listed on the website members list (as founding member / initial researcher), as well as if you are willing or not willing to be filed as one of the original Foundation Board members in its articles of incorporation as they are to be required for legitimization in the eyes of state and federal authorities as a Legal corporation that may later be eligible as a Legal non-profit entity ( A minimum of Three Board members are required for Incorporation as a non-profit entity in the state of Kentucky, but as many as ten may be accepted.) or if you would prefer to remain a silent contributor. If you are uncomfortable submitting an e-mail address, you may opt out of being a coauthor to the site itself and still have your info considered and included, you may simply send your research data to the before mentioned e-mail address to be added (provided the data is not all ready listed) by one of the founding members or simply post them in the comments section on the site itself.   ( Alos you may make a submission by e-mail or schedule a time to speak with me using the contact widget at the bottom of the site.