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"Call for Scientific Community Support"

    FOOD DIVERSITY NOW .COM inc. is Currently seeking active participation and support from accredited and professional people in the scientific community to help isolate, analyze, test, and release findings on non traditional agricultural products and wild edibles that may qualify for future public consumption, agricultural production, and mass processing and distribution. We need qualified researchers, Horticulturists, Agricultural scientists and Engineers, Nutritional experts, Doctors,Wilderness and survival experts, Legal experts and Representation,  as well as those qualified in the fields of  Marketing, advertising, fund raising, Human resources, and environmental impact scientists.

    If you are qualified in any of these fields of study or practices or a related practice or field of study, and would Like to invest your time and services to aid in the cause of ensuring future public health and safety and environmental protection against untested, unregulated G.M.O. agricultural endeavors... please contact the Founder or set up an appointment to speak directly with me by using the contact gadget at the lower left of this Blog site, or send me an email to

    Only through the active participation of the public AND the scientific community can we succeed and progress can be made to restore hope and security to the future of the Human food supply in the United States of America and ensure a minimized impact to the environment and our political and economic structure. This means WE NEED YOU!!!... not JUST us here at FOOD DIVERSITY NOW .COM inc. ... but ALL of us if the future of our race is to continue to prosper and survive in good health.

    For those who decide to invest their efforts, your contributions will not go unnoticed by the future generations to come... and only through the well meaning contributions of people Like YOU can we hope to reach that point, and it is those early selfless contributors that are most needed, most influential, and most critical to our success...
                       Thank you... sincerely;
                                                    Jason A. Dennison
                                                 Founder and Author of:
                                     FOOD DIVERSITY NOW .COM inc.